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Paste An Article From MS Word To WordPress Without Losing Formatting

Paste An Article From MS Word To WordPress Without Losing Formatting

 Are you WordPress Blogger who uses Microsoft officer Google Docs to write content?  Or perhaps you hire writers to write content and they deliver their product to you in Word format.    Then I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a tedious process to reformat content in the word press editor. 

 You can get tied up in the process whether uploading images or adjusting bullet points before you can finally publish your post.

 You can convert a Word document to HTML and use it, but I think this is a very bad idea. Word imposes a HUGE amount of formatting, which can make the file size of a simple web page enormous. You are much better off to save your Word document as plain text, and use CSS to format it.

 Here are some solutions:


  • Use a text editor like notepad to write the post and then format it with WordPress or use a weblog client:
  • Make sure the toolbar toggle is activated so you can see both row of buttons (this is the last button on the top row, looks like two keyboards.
  • In the second row you will see a button that looks like a keyboard with a “T” on it. This toggles plain/rich text pasting. Rich text pasting will preserve formatting for you 🙂

Document Importer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to import .docx documents from Microsoft Word, Google Docs or your computer into your WordPress editor — exactly as they are — with just one click.

 It retains everything from images to bullet points, making your publishing experience a breeze.

 The plugin also automatically adds images to the word press media library for future use.

 I have found the plugin to be a huge time saver — even if your Word documents contain bullet points the plugin takes care of everything.

By the way this document was created using the plugin.  

Here is the download link.